Sermon notes:

Is there something positive about sin?

Is there something positive about you making mistakes in your life?

Your brain is geared towards making certain kinds of mistakes.

We make mistakes when we’re not in the context of where we learned the information.

For example:

Acts 2:16-17

He thought they were in the last days; but, they were not.

We make context mistakes.

We make vision mistakes.


Romans 1:20

We are skimming the world around us and because of this, we often make mistakes.

Sometimes what we see, is not reality (think how optical illusions work).  Our brain is made to see things in a distorted fashion at times.  Never mind, that Satan is working against us to deceive us.

When we have success in an area, we have a tendency to speed up and when we make mistakes, we tend to slow down.  We may get a little arrogant when we think things are going well in our lives.  

If we don’t see God, humans are geared towards not believing in God.

If we don’t have meaning, we don’t remember—so why is there death? Part of it is to help us realize what the meaning is of our lives?  Why am I here, because it’s going to end.


Deuteronomy 17:6, 19:15

We also make authority errors.  Most people blindly follow those who are in authority.  Even relates to placebo effect.


John 7:24

Don’t be sold by what you’re told.

Memory bias is another way we make mistakes.

Our brains are preset to go with our first inclination or what we’ve been taught or raised to believe for years. This is one reason why it is so difficult for people to change religions.

Multitasking is not what our brain was designed to do.  Do things one at a time.  Stay focussed on the task at hand. Are you Kingdom first?


Matthew 6:33

Framing is another mistake we make where our brain kind of freezes up on things.


What do we learn from our mistakes?

  • helps you learn/get better
  • makes us capable of forgiving people
  • helps you catch yourself

Do we get something from our sins?

Sin is missing the mark. Growth comes from sin; it helps us become better.

When we as saints sin, we feel bad and are humbled by our sin.


Micah 6:8


Proverbs 16:18

Pride goes before destruction… better to be lowly in spirit and amongst the oppressed.

When things are smooth, we tend to forget God.


Proverbs 15:33

Proverbs 22:4

2 Corinthians 13: