We are pleased to let you know about an upcoming lecture planned for your area. The speakers will be George Ramocan (one of our ministers in Toronto) and Bill Watson, one of our “Armor of God” hosts. Both ministers will be delving into Matthew 24:32-35 and its relationship to current world events.

In Matthew 24:32 Jesus gave the symbol of a budding fig tree as the sign to mark the approach of His second coming and the generation that will witness His second coming. In Part 1 of this lecture, Mr. Ramocan will address the following: Is the generation that will not pass away now in existence? How can you know? And of what significance is the fig tree to the events going on in the Middle East?

Bill Watson will follow up with an explanation of how the signs of the fig tree will finally “play out” resulting in the Kingdom of God on Earth. What are the current conditions, dangers, and threatening circumstances that now are beginning to jeopardize our lifestyles here in North America? There are key prophecies that clearly appear to link up with what is in play. Current events and geopolitical trends in light of Biblical prophecy will be examined and prove the fig tree is indeed beginning to bud.

Here are the details about the meeting:

• Date: Saturday November 22, 2014
• Time: 11:00 A.M.
• Location: Trinity Presbyterian Church, 2737 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON

So, please set aside this date and time for fellowship. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Feel free to invite your friends and family. Everyone is welcome!