Sermon notes:

The Spirit of God is given to us because of the power God wants us to have in the world.

Romans 12:11-12

Prayer isn’t something you do now and then; it’s a way of life! You are in constant communication with God.

After Adam and Eve sinned, evil entered mankind. Man became a completely different being (not outwardly, but inwardly—in the mind.

God and Satan are i a battle for the human mind and heart. Choose who you will serve: God or Satan. We have free will to choose

False influence is the thoughts of Satan transferred to man; he controls us through our minds, our thoughts.

Romans 3:10
We are not righteous on our own; it is the righteousness through the covering of the blood of Christ through receiving the Holy Spirit.

1 Corinthians 2:14

Romans 8:7
The carnal mind is enmity against God; the carnal mind is not subject to the Word of God.

God’s Spirit has to work with you and open up your understanding. There is a condition they are in and that condition does not change until they are called and chosen.

God’s aim is to transform man from our carnal nature. Each in his own time, as called out by God.

Deuteronomy 6:6-9
We want to grow in understanding of the Word the understand things the way God understands it.

Deuteronomy 5:29
God in a state of lamentation

God wants all of us: our hearts, our minds protected and consecrated for Him.

Deuteronomy 10:

God’s laws are about loving Him and loving our neighbour; the entire Bible is a commentary on the love of God.

Ezekiel 36:26
Why does God give us His Spirit:
We need a new heart that allows us to be pliable to His laws so we can know how wonderful it is to love His laws and obey His Word.

You cannot say you have God’s Spirit, and not keep His Laws. The reason we have the Holy Spirit is to open our hearts to accept God’s law and serve Him.

The essential reason God gives us His Spirit is to move us to obey Him.

The 10 Commandments are like the Constitution where all of God’s laws pour out from.

By instilling His spirit in man He transforms the carnal nature to a divine nature: it is a process

Roman 7:8
The carnal mind does not love the law of God, nor can it! When we are in our carnal state we are helpless and unable to serve God in spirit and in truth regardless of our sincerity. God does the calling, so we must not be condemnatory towards those who have not yet been called.

How does God accomplish His task of putting His Spirit in us so we can keep His laws?
(Jeremiah 31:31)
Hebrews 8:8
God found fault with the people (not with His law) so He promised to make a new covenant

When you say you are a New Covenant Christian, you are still in a Covenant that was made with the House of Israel and Judah!

The difference is that He promised to put His laws in our minds and write in in our hearts (contrasting with putting it on stones and writing it on stones).

These laws He wrote on the tablets of hearts are the same laws He wrote on the tablets of stone. Furthermore, the laws are even more pressing now, as even our thoughts are subject to judgment.

A New Covenant Christian is one who has come into a Covenant relationship with God to keep His laws and has received His Spirit so they are enabled to keep the law.

Acts 2:38
Repent (of breaking God’s law) for the forgiveness of sins (breaking God’s law) and be baptized. You can only come into this condition once you’ve been called and God opens your mind

1 John 3:4
Sin= breaking God’s law; the transgression of the law

Romans 7:7
We cannot know what sin is, except through the law (reference to the decalogue)

Except you have the spirit of God, you are not of His.

God requires us to keep His law as a prerequisite for justification.

Romans 2:13
It is not the hearers of the law who are justified, but the people who actually keep the law and obey Him!

Matthew 19:18
How do I gain eternal life?
Keep the Commandments! (Again reference to the decalogue) Some will argue that because the Sabbath was not explicitly named, some will argue against it; but, none of the first 4 Commandments were mentioned either. We must recognize the context of what is being said here.

Jesus makes it very clear: if you really want to enter the Kingdom: Keep the Commandments!

Part 2: We do not keep God’s law perfectly, others break the law as well and see no reason to keep them: what’s the difference? There is a very important difference, find out what the Bible says in Part 2.