How did the doctrine of the Trinity come about?

It was formulated several hundred years after the birth of the 1st century church at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. and became part of the Nicene Creed. The vast majority of over 2 billion professing Christians around the world today uphold the Trinity as the central doctrine of Christianity. According to Trinitarians, anyone who is wrong on this issue is not a Christian. Yet, the New Catholic Encyclopedia in its article on the Trinity acknowledges that the Trinity is an idea of the Roman Catholic Church and it is not found in the New Testament?

The fact that the Trinity cannot be proven from the scriptures has serious implications for all Protestant churches. You need to know the truth! The formulators of Trinitarianism have stated clearly that the Trinity does NOT have a biblical foundation. Yet Protestants regard the Trinity as a fundamental doctrine. So what must Christians believe? If not the Trinity, what does the Bible teach?

On May 27, the church of God will observe Pentecost: the birthday of the Christian church. It also represents the coming of the Holy Spirit, (the Comforter), as Christ promised in John 15:26. But what is the true meaning of Pentecost? Did you know it is also one of God’s seven annual festivals outlined in Lev. 23? These seven festivals have largely been ignored by Christians today. Here’s an opportunity to learn more about the Trinity, the Holy Spirit and the true meaning of Pentecost.

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Saturday May 26, at 11:15 AM,
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Learn the truth about the Trinity, as Pastor George Ramocan explores the true nature of God and mankind’s ultimate destiny to be born into the family of God, and hear as Pastor Charles Groce expounds the true meaning of Pentecost. Please click here for more details.

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