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Can we identify the Bride of Christ today?

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The Lesson of the Budding Fig Tree

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Worshiping God Wholeheartedly

The Hebrew word mishpatim means ordinances.

Ordinances as we know them are: Commandments, Statutes, Testimonies, Laws, and Judgments.

While the multitude of slaves going through the wilderness after their escape from Egypt, Yahweh gave them His Ordinances through Moses His servant. They were given to teach them how to govern their lives while in the wilderness and … Read more

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The Wilderness Journey

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I Will Make You A Great Nation

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The Church is God’s Family

The Sabbath of July 28th (in fact, the entire week-end) was very memorable, with fun-filled activities that enriched the fellowship of the brethren. A heart-felt thanks to the organizers who laboured with love to make it all possible. It was a true example of what it means to be a spiritual family belonging to God.

The Human and the Church

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