The quality of an occasion and the success of it, is often determined by the amount of preparation that goes into it. A perfect example would be an athlete with aspirations to win a gold medal at the Olympics. It would be rather obtuse for an athlete to expect to win a competition without having adequate preparations. Such is the case with Christians who aspire to have a productive, spirit-filled Sabbath, by keeping it holy as we have been commanded to (Exodus 20:8).

In the manna narratives of Exodus the Israelites were instructed by God that they must prepare in advance for the Sabbath Day (Ex. 16:4-5, 25-30). They were given a double portion of manna on the sixth day, known as the “Preparation Day” so that they would have enough food for the Sabbath. Of course they were forbidden from doing their regular activities on the Sabbath Day (Deuteronomy 5:12-15), thus the Lord instructed them to prepare in advance for His holy and sanctified day.

Likewise, Sabbath observing Christians today need to take heed and ensure that we also adequately prepare for the Sabbath Day.  Because of the fast-paced world that we now live in, I would highly recommend the use of a “Sabbath Preparation Checklist”; a list outlining the tasks that we should complete prior to sunset on a Friday evening. Some of these tasks may include: Ensuring that all the laundry is done, enough gas is in the car, the dishes are washed, you have all the groceries that you need, and of course the preparation of your main Sabbath meal.

We don’t need to wait until Friday to do everything, Sabbath preparation should start early to mid-week. We need to take the Lord’s Sabbath more seriously and part of taking it seriously is the time and effort we take in preparing for it. And not just the physical preparation, but also spiritual. We should have a wind down period before Friday’s sunset, where we are in a place of peace, reflection and prayer leading up to the Sabbath.

We have an instruction from God to prepare for His Sabbath. Part of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy which is the fourth Commandment (Deut. 5:12-15), is properly preparing for it.  If we don’t properly prepare for it, it can potentially cause us to do things on the Sabbath day that we ought not to do.

Here’s a question for prayerful consideration: What can I do to better prepare for the Sabbath Day?

The famous Benjamin Franklin once quoted “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” Let us as God’s children, prepare to succeed. Let us be obedient to the fourth Commandment, by keeping the Sabbath Day Holy which starts with the Preparation Day

God Bless you.