December 21st, 2012 is approaching…
Another year is ending…

Are we in the final days of human civilization?

Is the answer in the Mayan calendar?

You are invited to an eye-opening presentation on Prophecy in 2012:

10 AM Saturday, November 10th and 1PM Sunday, November 11th
Toronto Plaza Airport Hotel
1677 Wilson Avenue, Toronto (Hwy. 400/401)

See our Facebook event for updates and reminders:

Hear the biblical truth about the end time unveiled by Armor of God presenters, Bill Watson and Vance Stinson, as well Evangelist George Ramocan in:

  • A Tale of Two Beasts
  • Unsealing the Mystery of the Seven Seals
  • Where are we in Prophecy and 2012 – Is this the End?


Free parking and refreshments will be provided!