Day 35 of the Feast of Weeks


Leviticus 23:15-16

These physical “rituals” God has us do, are really a spiritual matter, and the reality is that they are all about Christ.


As we count the weeks, we also come to a realization that our lives are short; we can think of each week as a decade.  It is a foolish person that precedes through life without a consciousness that every day that passes, we have one day less.


The Feast of Weeks helps us to understand the value of time.  We need to get the maximum return from this limited life we have been given; we must learn to count the days and the weeks given to us—time is running out.


There is no time for gossip; no time to be wasting doing things that are not beneficial to others.


Romans 13:11

Psalm 39:4

We often carry on as if we are immortal beings; yet, God uses this time to show us how frail we are—to humble us, realizing how short our life is helps us to see how urgent it is to take steps and do things in a priority order, not selfish, and that live up to the Word of God.


When we know that our time is limited, we use it wisely.


Psalm 90:12

By counting our days, we will gain wisdom as we won’t waste our time doing things that aren’t worth our while


We must get our lives in order because we do not know if tomorrow will come.


Ephesians 5:15

We must learn from the daily experiences we have and help us to do better in the days ahead; not to learn from our experiences is dangerous. Meditate upon your experiences and reflect on positive changes.


A fool repeats the same error.


At the end of each year/season we must be able to assess what we’ve learned and how we can use that knowledge to make life better.  God is watching us; just like a surveillance camera.  Since we are being watched, we must be careful of what we do.  We are not going to get away with anything.


This Feast is time-sensitive; if you haven’t been keeping it right, start now, there are two weeks remaining.


1 Corinthians 7:29

The time is short, it is time to get serious and put God first; let His work consume our time.
The Feast of Weeks and Jesus:

Upon Jesus’ return (after His resurrection) He observed the Feast of Weeks.


John 20:9

The disciples did not understand that Jesus had to die and rise from the dead


Acts 2– When the Day of Pentecost came, they were in one accord (compare that to the discord around the time of Passover.)