The Youth Sabbath class had their usual discussion last week, only this time the parents, adults and anyone one else could listen in. It was definitely not what we expected – it was incredible and beyond our expectations! Bro. Adrian posed several thought-provoking questions and the adults were astonished by the responses from the teens.

Although the teens sat at the front of the room and the adults sat in the audience, we all really bonded together. We laughed together; we cried and even mentioned Justin Bieber.

This discussion was a great opportunity for the young people to connect with the adults. The youth were asked many questions on how we view the church, our opinions on it, and how we can make it more teen-friendly. The young people are the future generation of the church and impending leaders of the world. We are so blessed to have such immense support from our church family. And my twin sister and I both love the youth so much and treat them as we would our own brothers and sisters!

One of the questions Bro. Adrian asked us was about how the media and social networks have impacted our lives. We talked about how everything is given to us instantly; our generation has missed out on the feeling of anticipation. We are constantly bombarded with ads and shows telling us how life should be. We realized how the church is what keeps us grounded and directs us in the right path.

This discussion made an impact on everyone for the better and at the end of the day, we all came closer as a church and as a family. It was a wonderful experience and we hope to have more events like this.

by Sis. Michelle and Sis. Rochelle