Three weeks ago, at the Canada Christian College in Toronto, Pastor George Ramocan addressed the question, “are the billions of people who have lived and died without ever knowing Jesus Christ lost?” His systematic approach to explaining exactly what the Bible teaches on this topic was refreshing, enlightening and comforting to the audience.

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We have just finalized our strategic plan for our congregation. Please take a moment to review it and let us know what you think. You can download a copy here.

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We are encouraged by the mammoth effort being made by our Deacons, Ministry Coordinators and ministry teams to accomplish the tasks that were set out last June.  The ministries of the Church provide opportunities for the members of our congregation to utilize their gifts to serve the work of God.

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The beauty and awe of God’s creation unveiled in the birth of humanity becomes blurred, distorted and meaningless when sin reigns in our mortal bodies. Every human being that has ever been born has the potential to become a perfect being, when he or she shuns sin, and is born into the family of God. But when a human being … Read more