The way of God is transformative. Conversion is both an initial experience as well as a process of becoming a child of God.

1. Initial conversion: Upon hearing the word of God, one is convicted of God’s truth and desires repentance. Upon true repentance, baptism and the laying on of hands, one receives the Holy Spirit. In that instant, you are converted.

2. Growth: Initial conversion is analogous to conception. Once impregnated by the Spirit, one begins a growth process in the womb (God’s church). The growth process involves learning God’s truth more deeply as well as overcoming wrong habits and thinking and developing godly character.

3. Leadership: As you becomes more mature in the Word, you will be in a position to teach others and to model the character of Christ for others. God will guide you into leadership positions to strengthen and serve His people and to more fully prepare you for service in His kingdom.

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