Two days ago, all the youth at the Toronto congregation (myself included) were involved in a public discussion wherein Bro. Adrian and Sis. Jennifer would ask us questions pertaining to youth issues, and we would take turns responding. It was so much fun and we got to learn so much about each other and from each other.

Honestly, I consider it an honorable blessing to have so many wonderful and wise friends from whom I’m able to learn such valuable lessons in life. We love each other, we strengthen each other. And I wouldn’t give that up for the world.

Perhaps the best part was all the adults’ reactions when the discussion was over. So many people congratulated us and encouraged us to continue walking down this Christian road. Some even cried, lol.

I’m really happy the adults of the congregation got to know us better and I hope to see many more discussions.  PLEASE!!

With much love, Kim 🙂