Colossians 2:16

A scripture we often use to support the keeping of the Sabbath, but we tend to skirt over the fact that New Moons are also mentioned here alongside Sabbath.


Isaiah 66:23

We use this scripture to prove that the Sabbath will be kept after Christ returns, but New Moons are also mentioned.


What is the meaning of the New Moons being paired with the Sabbath?


What are New Moons?

The biblical new moons do not occur 12 times per year (every month as some believe); they occur during God’s sacred year: Passover to Tabernacles.

Exodus 12:2

God revealed the new moons to Israel and identified the beginning of the year.


Exodus 23:16

End of the sacred year


Numbers 28:11


Term New Moons is not used to mean the same thing throughout scripture, just as the Term Israel means different things: Jacob, the nation, the land, the church, etc…


New Moons Means: Beginning of the months; the whole month, and the Feast days of God


The Beginning of the Month

Exodus 12:2

Numbers 28:11


The Whole Month

The 29-30 day period

Number 4:11-13

Exodus 13:4-5

God’s High Holy Days

Ezekiel 46:1

New Moons are sacred assemblies

On Weekly Sabbaths and New Moons, the doors are open

New moons have to do with worship


Numbers 28


An alternative name of new moons is festivals or feasts;


There are three feast “seasons” (Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles)

There are holy days (new moons)

There are weekly Sabbaths


Ezekiel 46:

Worship in the temple for the whole year


1 Samuel 20:5-27-

New moons: times of worship, holy time, times of worship (feasts)


Psalm 81:

Hebrew parallelism: new moon referred to as a full moon (which is when the Feast begin)


Psalm 81:4

Amos 8:4

2 Kings 24:23

Isaiah 1:13-14

Exodus 23:14

2 Chronicles


Why are these Feasts called New Moons?

Leviticus 23:4- the word month here is “new moon” describing when Passover begins.


Numbers 28

Romans 12:1


3 Feasts

7 High Holy Days

Weekly Sabbath


Philippians 2:17

Psalm 51:17