• Joan Marie Landry

    Hello to All and A Blessed Joyous Sabbath Day..

    It is a Great Pleasure to be able to enjoy the Church of God International within the local area of Toronto…I look forward toward all the teachings that The Lord continues to inspire through all our wonderful Pastors and All who work to complete His great master Plan for Our salvation . I pray for each & every one in this blessed Ministry of Great knowledge Truth & hope…

    and..Now thankfully! this shall be another step toward reaching out to all of us here in Canada..

    Many Great Blessings to all of you who continue to work endlessly within God’s Remnant Church

    Thank you!

  • Joan Marie Landry

    I just want to say, that I do not know how many times I passed by this sermon of :
    The Woman in Revelation 16.
    I really Never thought of sitting to listen to this one.
    But today I felt the need to do so.
    And OH! Dear. I’am very happy I have.
    This is a great sermon. It sure has inspired me.
    I must say.. I truly enjoy when you raise your voice in such boldness Pastor Ramocan.
    This makes it all the more real..( speaking for myself on that note)
    It always reminds me of Paul. He had that same drive as well..
    I enjoyed your sermon Pastor Ramocan..
    I hope to sit and listen to many more..
    Keep on running that good race Pastor. You have a gift for voice .
    It surely inspires us all to run this Good race. Having our Ministry of the Lord’s True Remant Church , Always here to keep on that Armor Of the Lords Truth..

    We are so very Thankful for all of you in Gods True Ministry.Your continued compassion and sincere Devotion to the Remnant Church of God Certainly shows in all you do…
    We Know all the GLORY is to be given Always!! to the our Heavenly Lord God & Savior Jesus Christ..
    But also knowing how Blessed we are, that the Lord has chosen Such wonderful Truth Loving ,Good Discipiles such as you all are..
    You Certainly are the True Shepards for the Lords Flock .. In being the faithful Leaders..
    and As the Lord is constantly guiding & directing your endless endevor to lead us all to Him..
    We Sincerely do Thank you!! For all your continued Faithfulness to the Lord.

    Sister servant.. Joan

  • Joan Marie Landry

    What about a family member such as a son or daughter who does not know the real truth. but they knew bit about the lord from a sunday keeping church. and The mother is obeying the Lord Gods truth. Sch as the Sabbath & all the commandments etc. But!! The husband & children are not..Will They be saved by the mother, the wife .and say Vice Versa??
    If A brother of the woman who is obeying the lord . But her brothers & sister and with the mother who very old now. Just do not know anything about scripture. say A brother was Married twice Divorced once, Then separted from his 2nd wife. Now lives with an another But he is has thsi good heart. He does show respect for what one tells him about the Lord. But just cannot understand what one is trying to say to him.
    Will he or they have ay chance to repent because they truly just do not understand. They have had no education can hardly read or write etc. Their frame of mind is some what like a child at times.. Can someone answer this for m please!!