• Joni

    I would like to take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to The Church of God International.

    To all the Pastors as well as all those who work endlessly within the Remnant church of God International ..

    It is such a great blessed Privilege to be a part of the True Remnant Church of God ..

    To All! of our Beloved Pastors. as well as ALL! those within the Church who passionately continue ministering to this wicked old World.

    I Honestly wanted to express how much you have greatly done for my life..

    The continued changes I see & feel within my new way of life…

    Giving me a Great New Hope . I would have never known imaginable

    To truly enjoy living as a real servant and witness for our Lord & Saviour ..

    Has become the greatest Joy in my life

    I Honestly Know It is because the Lord has given me ALL of you. Through His Great Love in Continuing to inspire me With Such greatness Of His Truth..

    THANK YOU!! so very much ..,in ministering to the world & those such as myself…

    I once again want to deeply express how much all your Sermons Mean to me.

    You are ..without a doubt a truth leading Ministry.

    Called by the Lord.. always being inspired through HIS Great HOLY SPIRIT…

    You Always Devote to the True Will of the purpose of our one True God & Saviour….

    May The Lord Always! Continue To Bless You All..

    THANK YOU !!

    For all the Blessed sermons of Great Truth

    Servant in the Lord